How to Tell You Are Producing High Quality Content

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Creating high quality content is the most efficient way to market in the age of Google. Blog posts are not enough as the evolution of search engine optimization techniques continues onward. Research, captivating the target audience, and using tactics that leave a lasting impression are but a few of the methods of garnering and retaining long-term, incoming traffic.

Specializing Your Social Media with High Quality Content

Watching for brand and company names is part of a social media marketing plan. Search engine optimization basics (SEO) rely on the same keywords that Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest utilizes.  Attention spans are small in the marketing industry. It is a matter of using strong social cues, stronger signals, and staying ahead of trends to draw traffic to news, topics, and ideas surrounding any given product.

The more viral a brand name is part of a social post — the more tags, mentions, and keyboards ping a marketing model. 

Combing Over the Consumer’s Mind: Quality vs. Quantity

High quality content out performance high quantity content in most searches.

Mining information feels impersonal when said out loud. However, online consumers are faceless and often feel ignored. Active staff members should always be interacting with the nameless audience as if they were face-to-face.

Training is available for those who are not accustomed to interconnect on a level that feels authentic.

Service notes, complaints, and comments are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Pour over every word as if it is a window into the consumer’s mind and high quality content is the byproduct.

Checking Over the Competitors

Analyzing competitors is one of the most robust methods of finding what works and what does not. Incoming and outgoing traffic from an industry opponent’s content is an exceptional tell to predict what an audience is appreciating.

The competitor content audit gives a sense of types of content marketing that works versus what are merely fillers.

Search Engine Optimization Online

Search engine optimization tips are helpful tidbits that guide a business or team through the convoluted content that litters the InternetKeyword stuffing, for instance, was once an important hint that saw an influx of long-tail keywords that made little sense.

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Researching keywords keep Google search ranks high because of the results. The marketing team or content marketing services know accurately what the hot topics are by responses, sharing trends, and favorite subjects.

Find new angles or combine a few live issues for in-depth content.

How Content Marketing Works

Search engine optimization is ever-changing. Google updates and the spikes in competition in every industry makes content marketing a trend all on its own. Google a topic, for example, and the chance of the content’s coverage before is pretty high.

Vague search results are no longer a thing. Instead, the use of search engine results page (SERP) ranks websites by relevance, not long-tail keywords.

Examples of SERP friendly titles:

  1. Dates — Best of 2019
  2. Numbers — 5 Reasons to Read This
  3. Title Lengths — 50 to 60 characters & Popping Keyword
  4. Synonyms  — Affordable, Cheap, Low-Cost
  5. Literary Tropes — Alliteration and long-lasting puns
  6. Genuine Calls to Action — Watch, Listen, Learn
  7. Authentic Keywords — vs (versus), Twitter, Facebook, bios

Trust in content marketing is an essential part of the processPositive interactions no longer mean a friendly voice on the phone. It is reliable information embedded in quality content. The building of trust works as it does in all realms of life.

Introductions are the first step because first impressions are everythingVideo content, photos, or an attention-grabbing “hello” set a consumer up for a long-term relationship with a brand.

Setting a company apart from every other:

  1. What are the major differences in this one and that one?
  2. What are the company’s culture and value?
  3. What is the theme and topics cared about?

Time is the investment when answering these questions. It costs nothing to initiate a relationship with a possible patron. The use of content marketing services is an optimal way to launch a site or social media that garner positive attention and SERP results.

High Quality Content Creation

Research results and eye-catching titles come to fruition, and the job is still not finished. The content of any given post is as relevant as every single customer or client that is drawn in for a peek.

SEO search engine optimization is not only concepts and keywords that are automatic but the diamonds in the details.

SEO Search Engine Optimization & Creative Content:

  • Meta Descriptions: Precision and descriptive words that are more than the title and a few random words. Be creative. Be concise.
  • Links: Hyperlink heavy content is off-putting. But, quality internal links keep the traffic on site and interested. Outbound links are a wonderful addition; however, one or two that directs to an authoritative source is all that a reader needs to give a business confident and reliable voice.
  • Subheaders: Sub headers not only break up content but allow a visitor to see the overall topics of the material. Using literary tropes or trending words draws a customer in and keeps them from only skimming.
  • Keywords: Fluffing content with keywords is a thing of the past. Quality content contains keywords that do not feel awkward but flow with the fluid motion of every purposeful word.  Search engine optimization guidelines demand the use of keywords, but refraining from the long-tail variety is in the same set of SEO rules.
  • Bullet & Numbered Lists: Subheaders break up overall content, but many articles or blogs require a little extra nudge because of human nature’s attention span. Listicles (numbered lists) do not have to reflect steps. Instead, it is simply an organized way to segment content into short fragments. Bullet lists work much the same way but often with definitions or examples attached. For example, the one just read.
  • Images & Video: The new keyword replacer is images and videos. Visual content is quick for perusing, but it does not mean to lessen the quality. If anything, video, and photos should pop from the screen and appeal to an overall audience. The material could be an introduction to a company or a quick how-to that guides that person to better, written explanations but also clear and concise.

Digital marketing agencies or in house teams focus on consistent content creation that propels businesses into trends, tugs potential patrons, and retains the current client base. 

Plan, deliver and analyze for the best overall results of an SEO marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (SERP) changes, but that does not mean a loss in rank, only more focused knowledge about what goes into the process.

Content is the brand.

Perception, promotion, and presentation equals high quality content. 

For more information on how you can create high-quality content and rank on search engines, contact us. The Lorem Ipsum Company is an Orange County Content Marketing Agency specializing in search engine optimization.

Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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