The Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising

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In the Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising, you’ll learn:

  • What is PPC?
  • What are the benefits of PPC?
  • How to use PPC
  • How to track PPC
  • How PPC works with SEO
  • And more …

As you learn more about digital marketing, you’ll realize that your options are far broader than just content marketing and SEO.

The internet today is full of marketing opportunities, and PPC advertising is one of them. It’s a quick, cost-effective approach to reach newer audiences and promote your brand. 

Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising


Launching successful PPC campaigns can be daunting. It’s a complicated process that might require lots of trial and error. 

That’s why we created this guide to teach you the basics of PPC advertising and how it can upscale your business. 

Let’s get started with the Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising:

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a digital marketing technique where marketers pay a small fee to drive traffic to their sites.

Advertisers create ads for their promotions and offers. Then, they’re charged by ad networks each time a user clicks on the ad and goes to their landing page.

There are many types of PPC ads, such as:

Each type is different based on where and how the ad is displayed to the user. For example, social media ads are presented on social platforms in the form of images or videos to grab attention.

What Are the Benefits of PPC?

There are lots of marketing models to help you scale your business and be more profitable. That multitude of options might leave you crippled when trying to decide which digital marketing strategy to follow.

Here are four reasons why PPC is the best marketing strategy for your company:

1- Quicker Growth

Paid advertising yields the quickest results compared to any other marketing strategy. With the expertise, you can convert new clients within days of running your PPC campaign. 

The PPC management process is also quicker and can be mastered within months of your first campaign. After that, you’re set to increase your site traffic dramatically and hit high conversions.

2- Trackable Results

Most ad networks today allow advertisers to monitor their results with complete transparency. You’ll get access to all campaign measures, including impressions, clicks, conversions, ad spend, etc.

Measuring theses performance metrics helps you make data-based decisions in your campaigns. That’s the best way to improve your marketing and achieve phenomenal results.

3- Wider Outreach & Targeting

PPC advertising is one of the most effective strategies to reach newer audiences and increase brand exposure. 

You can target audiences of all sizes, from all locations around the world. All you need to do is target different keywords and demographics in each campaign you launch.

4- Audience Insights

Understanding your audience is key to transforming your business into a successful brand. But that can be difficult when you lack analytics or if you’re just getting started.

PPC advertising is an excellent way to gain customer insights and understand your market. It allows you to identify who your target customers are, what language and offers they prefer, etc.

PPC Vs. SEO: Which is Better?

Both strategies can help you promote your brand and be more profitable. So, choosing what’s best for your business depends on your growth objectives.

Here’s what you should know before making a decision:

SEO does help you rank better and drive more organic traffic to your site. 

However, it still requires a financial investment on your part to keep it going. You may have to spend on SEO tools and content creation to enhance your growth.

More importantly:

SEO may take six to eight months before it starts bringing results. That may be a long period for most businesses to survive with no clients or sales.

If your plan is built around lead generation and high conversions from the start, PPC is a better option.

Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising

How Does PPC Work?

PPC advertisers must set clear business objectives for their campaigns from the start. That can be lead generation, increasing conversions, retargeting, boosting sales, etc. 

Setting such goals is crucial to achieving the best PPC results with your campaigns. It helps you refine your PPC strategy to only focus on essential metrics.

Now with the practical part…

Keyword research

You have to research low CPC, high volume keywords that are relevant to your brand. That allows you to maintain high conversion rates while keeping the ad spend low to ensure the best use of your budget.


You’ll choose a bidding strategy that saves you money while giving you the best ad placement. You don’t want to exhaust your budget quickly, but you also shouldn’t leave everything for your competitors.

Ad creation

Ad creation is the heart of your PPC campaign because none of the earlier steps matter if your ad is weak.

You want to create an irresistible offer that grabs attention and gets clicks.

You must write an excellent headline and ad copy. And be sure to use relevant keywords, highlight the right benefits, and include a call-to-action to boost your CTR.

Landing page

The user-experience after they click on your ad is also super important. It improves your ad quality score and helps you claim higher ad positions at lower costs. 

That’s why you must optimize your landing page’s user experience by improving your page design, writing good copy, and including relevant keywords.

What Are the Best PPC Networks?

Picking the right advertising network could make a huge difference in meeting your target customers where they are.


PPC has gained a lot of popularity in the online marketing world. And that results in a massive increase in the number of available ad networks today. 

The most popular PPC networks are:

Each network offers its’ own benefits, and there are no clear rules for what your business should use. It all depends on your growth objectives and marketing goals.

As a start…

You could learn from your competitors and see which ad networks they’re using to run their PPC campaigns. Also, research your prospective clients to identify the platforms they spend most of their time on.

Wrapping It Up: Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is an effective marketing model to help you transform your business. It’s the missing key for many companies looking for quick, cost-effective growth.

However, it requires a strategic approach in setting up your campaigns before it can yield outstanding results.

Ready to get started with PPC marketing? We’re here to help!

Check out our PPC Management Services to learn more about how we’re able to create award-winning PPC campaigns for our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call at +1 (949) 354-2574.

Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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