Text Message Marketing Vs. Email Marketing

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Which is better: Text message marketing or email marketing?

Any phone user today must have an email address to create online accounts or receive work communications. By the same token, anyone with a phone also has a personal phone number.

That makes email marketing and text message marketing trending strategies in the marketing world today. Businesses of all sizes use both techniques to attract and convert new clients all the time.

So, that makes you wonder…

Which one of the two strategies is the best fit for your company? And which one will bring the best results considering your marketing objectives? 

That’s what we’re going to help you answer by the end of this article. 

Let’s get started!

Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing is a great channel to grow your brand and convert new prospects. It’s a mobile-based strategy that requires very little investment and only a few tools to run.

Although it’s an old technique, text message marketing is still one of the easiest, most common offline marketing methods today. 

But what makes it so effective?

1- Higher Open Rates

SMS marketing gets one of the highest open rates in the marketing industry. 

As per MobileMonkey, 98% of text messages sent get read within the first 15 minutes. Which is way better in comparison to the 21% you’ll get with email marketing.

So, if your marketing strategy is focused on getting high open rates, SMS marketing should be a no-brainer.

2- Offline Access

While email requires internet access, SMS marketing is an offline strategy that ensures that your messages will be read anytime, anywhere. 

Most people try to stay away from email and online communications as a way to unplug and rest their brains. That leaves the floor empty for you to reach out to them during those times with your best offers. 

As long as your prospects have a phone signal, you can reach them wherever they are with your newest offer. 

3- Cost-Effectiveness

SMS marketing is a cost-effective technique that requires very little investment. It helps you plan your budget effectively early on in the process.

You can set up the whole system and start communicating with your audience for a small fee. And depending on which platform you’re using, your costs are going to be clear from the start. 

Another great thing about text message marketing is the variety of pricing structures. 

You can choose an SMS marketing software that suits your budget plans and future marketing objectives. For example, you can choose a small business package that’ll allow you to keep your expenses low as you grow.

4- Faster Responses

Whether it’s replying with a keyword, clicking on a link, or visiting a local place, people would be more likely to take action as long as it is easy.

Text message marketing allows you to use quick calls-to-action that can bring incredible results. Once your target audience trusts your business, the sky will be the limit.


While email is often associated with the work and office environment, text messages are more friendly and casual. So, SMS can be the solution to boosting your engagement and response rates.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the first option for many companies across all industries. It’s a more modern approach for businesses to engage customers and boost sales.

Here’s what makes it so powerful:

1- Better Engagement Options

SMS marketing allows your prospects to reply with a keyword or visit a website. But that’s nothing compared to what email marketing can offer for your company.

Email subscribers can reply with a long text, upload pictures and documents, forward emails, download files, and more. Such options are key to attracting more clients and getting them to take any actions you want.

2- Longer Messages

Unlike SMS marketing, email marketing knows no boundaries when it comes to length. Your emails can range from a few dozen words to thousands of words without any limitations. 

This is especially essential when you have new important announcements that can require long explanations. 

With email marketing, you won’t sacrifice any crucial details just to fit a word limit. You’ll have complete freedom in writing your campaigns and making them appealing.

On top of that:

Email is also a better way to promote content of all types. You can regularly send your newest blog posts, infographics, videos, ebooks directly to your subscribers with a few clicks.

Now, remember…

Having no length limitations doesn’t mean that you should write thousand-word emails all the time. If you want to keep your engagement levels high, make sure your campaigns are a mixture of short and long messages.

3- Personalization

Email marketing has put an end to the old spray and pray marketing strategy. 

Companies no longer rely on mass communication campaigns that relate to no one. Instead, they’re following an audience-focused approach to attract new customers.

How are top brands able to do that? 

Through data and personalization.

Depending on the information you collect, your options for customizing emails are endless. That can range from simply using the recipient’s name in the first line to sending each prospect specific offers based on their past behavior. 

For example:

If a prospect has been interested in a certain product on your site, you can send them informative emails to anticipate their questions. That way, you’ll connect with them on a personal level and move them much faster down the funnel.

4- Easier to Track

Text message marketing allows you to see who replied to your SMS. Yet, it’s nowhere close to email marketing when it comes to tracking.

Any email marketing platform you’ll use will help you monitor everything about your campaign. That includes open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, response rates, and a lot more.

Why is that important?

Data is the best way to achieve better campaign results as it allows you to improve your email headlines, introductions, writing tone, CTAs, etc.

5- Generates Direct Traffic

People are used to clicking on email links, especially if they trust the company. 


Even if your brand isn’t that well established, you can build trust with your prospects and convince them to visit your links before they leave.


While requiring no internet access is an advantage for SMS marketing, it can be a major drawback if you want to drive more visitors to your site. 

With email, you’re certain that subscribers will already have online access. So, all you need to do is persuade them to click and learn more.

Bottom Line

So which one is best?

The truth is…

There’s never a final answer as there are pros and cons on both ends.

Some businesses will find great success using text message marketing. Other brands are all in on email marketing and have seen outstanding results with it. It depends on your marketing objectives, business field, tech experience, as well as budget and outcome goals.

But why does it have to be this or that? You can implement both strategies and track your results along the way to improve on them.

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Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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