What is Content Marketing?

While traditional marketing tactics have been successful for many decades, they are slowly losing traction in a world of social media and constant Internet access. Paper ads are no longer effective and are slowly giving way to online advertising. One of the most successful forms of this online advertisement is content marketing. But many business owners ask themselves, “What is Content Marketing?”

What is Content Marketing Exactly?

Traditional marketing schemes are used simply to sell a product or service. They usually include some sort of pitch and are focused only on making a sale. Content marketing differs in that it provides truly useful information for the customer base, that is also usually related to the goods or services that a company provides. This can also include information that can help customers with issues they may have.

Content Marketing is Taking the World by Storm

Many big-name businesses have been using content marketing to reach out to their customers and build rapport with every person that visits their website. Some of these businesses include:

  1. John Deere
  2. P&G
  3. Microsoft
  4. Cisco Systems

Aside from these large businesses, many small businesses are using content marketing to their advantage these days, and have found it more effective than more traditional marketing techniques.

Content is Effective

There are really three great incentives for using content marketing to promote your business. First, you create a loyal customer base by providing useful information that builds rapport with those that visit your website. You will also save a significant amount in marketing costs, as content marketing is one of the least-expensive ways to get your business in the public eye. Your sales will definitely receive a boost from content marketing as well, as you collect more and more loyal customers.

Why Content Marketing is Here to Stay

The main difference between traditional marketing and content marketing is that traditional marketing is solely focused on selling the product to the customer. It does not take into account what their real needs may be or provide useful information related to the product. Content marketing, however, can present your customers with relevant information that will keep them invested in your company for many years to come. If they feel that their best interest is at the heart of your company, they will both invest in and trust your company to provide quality service every time.

Even in the world of online marketing, traditional techniques are falling short more and more often. Companies’ emails are sent straight to the spam folder and the lack of a relational aspect causes traditional marketing to fall short in a world that craves connection and genuineness. Content marketing provides the benefit of making connections with your customers while also being less expensive than other options, and can be used in any form of online marketing. All in all, content marketing works and is the future of marketing everywhere.

Next time someone asks you, “What is Content Marketing?” You’ll have a good idea and will be able to give an educated answer. For more on this topic, check out our blog post titled, “What is Content Marketing?”

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