Path to Content Marketing: 3 Ways to Make It

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Content marketing allows you to show your customers, both current and potential, that you value their attention. But it is important to ensure your company is on the right path to content marketing success. Content marketing highlights the level of detail you put into your business to meet the wants and needs of your customer base. A business that can consistently show their customers how much they are valued will be able to consistently reel in consumer attention.

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Marketing is tricky business. There are those who feel too inept when it comes to implementing a content marketing strategy or heading down the path to content marketing success. Their fears cause them to avoid really connecting their business to the online world. In turn, they miss an opportunity to truly connect and engage with their audience.

Content marketing is an opportunity- an opportunity that can truly make or break your business. Avoiding it completely or having a poor strategy conveys the wrong image of your business to your customers. A properly planned, effective content marketing strategy shows your customers that you pay attention to and value them- and that is what will bring in business, increase leads and turn profits.

 The path to content marketing: Will you make it or break it?

1. Marketing research

If your idea of marketing research is just giving customers everything they could possibly want, think again. For instance, it may seem like a good idea to have a 50-item menu in a restaurant, but too many choices don’t resonate well with consumers in general. It may make sense initially to offer a lot of choices, in hopes one of these choices will randomly hit at the desires of your customers. But decision making is hard work and overwhelming your costumers with too many options is a sure way to turn them off.

The benefit of thorough marketing research is that your business can begin to offer exactly what your customer needs and nothing your customers don’t. You begin to better understand your target audience. You can conduct your own research by having customers answer questions, collecting data and analyzing the results. Very likely, there is consumer research related to your industry already out there- you just have to know how to apply it to your own business.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. This is just a small portion of a content marketing strategy, and if this already seems too overwhelming, you must consider hiring these services out. Content marketing is a time, energy and money investment you need to make in order to have success with your business. The Lorem Ipsum company offers a complete company analysis and audit, allowing us to get a clear understanding of what your industry is all about.

2. Consistency in branding

Branding is something that, all too often, business owners shrug off as a task to “save for later”. If you haven’t already, begin consistent branding right away. This is the gateway to building trust with your target customer base and will put your company on the path to content marketing success. If your potential customers can’t trust you, they’ll have no reason to engage with your content or, worse, do business with you.

Although the age-old saying is don’t judge a book by its cover, costumers definitely judge a business based on its online appearance. This is a protective measure a consumer makes. They don’t want to invest in something that they will regret down the road. Be sure to consistently put out an image to your costumers that convey your business is:

(a.) Reputable

(b.) Authoritative

(c.) Professional

(d). Current

3. Online presence

Nearly all your potential customers are doing research online, with many going through the whole buying process, from researching to making the purchase decision, without ever seeing anyone face-to-face. Develop a strategy that helps your business have the type of online presence that grabs your consumers’ attention and gets your business in front of their eyes.

Make that ultimate decision to buy the goods and/or services of your business incredibly easy for your customers. Offer all the information they could ever need to make that purchase decision online and make it easy to find. Otherwise, they’ll look elsewhere for a business that meets their needs.

A proper content marketing plan can help your business bring in an increased amount of revenue. Avoiding it altogether or implementing an ill-planned strategy actually hurts your business because your competition has already taken the plunge in making their business known in the online world. If you’re unsure how to focus your marketing efforts, take that first important step with the Lorem Ipsum Company. It’s free to hear from one of our experts, so tell us about your project and we can help you develop a full marketing strategy that will bring in leads.

    Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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