How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

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The first step to succeeding with local SEO is getting your company listed on Google My Business. The second is to optimize your Google My Business Listing so it ranks higher than your competitors.

To start, you must create a business profile and get it verified as soon as possible. 

To claim top rankings, you need to optimize your profile according to Google’s guidelines.


In this guide, we’ll teach you the necessary steps to complete and optimize your Google My Business profile for maximum results.

Let’s dive in.

1- Complete Your Profile Details

A completed profile has a much higher chance of attracting new business compared to an abandoned one. And there are endless case studies to prove this.

To complete your GMB profile, you need to fill in as much information as possible. Also, be sure that everything you enter about your business is accurate.

For example:

Google My Business NAP

Your NAP information (Name, Address, Phone Number) needs to be consistent across your different online listings. Google uses these details to verify the authenticity of your business and give you higher rankings.


GMB website

A good way to optimize your Google My Business is to link your website to your profile. Google will drive visitors to it once you’re a verified business.

1- Business hours

Online users today have gotten used to quick solutions and instant gratification. They don’t want to wait for days or even hours to solve their problems.

They want to do it now.

By adding business hours, you’re letting them know that you are available at the moment. That means you can help them with any needs they have as quickly as possible.


Even if you work every day, and your profile doesn’t say it, not everyone is going to assume that you’re available. 

On the other hand, customers are more likely to call a business working now than one that opens tomorrow.

To add business hours to your profile, go to Info > Add hours.


Google My Business hours

Turn on all the days of the week that you’re working, and pick the time you open and close.

Click Apply, and you’re good to go.

NOTE: It’s important to update these hours regularly to account for holidays, vacations, and — in today’s case — pandemics.

2- Business Description

It’s always great to give potential customers a quick introduction about who you are. They want to know you’re the right fit for them — so, this is where you’ll prove that.

Your business description will then appear under Reviews in your GMB listing on desktop or under the About Us tab on mobile. 

It allows you to share a short description with your audience about who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

To add your business description, go to Info > Add business description

business description

Next, enter your description (be sure to keep it fewer than 750 characters), and hit Apply.

You’re done! 

Your Google My Business profile now features a short description of your company.

3- Optimize your Google My Business with Photos and Videos

Before making any purchase decision, customers are typically overwhelmed with choice. They have too many options, and they want to pick the best one.

Add pictures and video to your profile regularly as a way to stay different and professional. People always want to see images, whether it’s a human, a business, a product, or even a service. And photos are what will give them a sense of trust and safety. 

To add pictures to your GMB profile, go to Info > Add Photos.

You may notice multiple categories for adding images, such as work and identity. So, be sure to select the correct one before you upload any photos.

The quality of the picture plays a significant role in the process. You don’t want to upload low-quality images that make your business look untrusted.

To add a new image, go to Photos, select a category, and start uploading.

GMB profile photos and video

But before you do that, here are the terms that you must follow:

  • Use either a JPG or PNG format and keep your pictures between 10 KB and 5 MB
  • Make sure your resolution is around 720 px x 720 px
  • Avoid using fake pictures or uploading photos from stock websites
  • Keep your images bright and well-focused on objects

You can do the same thing with videos, which is a proven way to optimize your Google My Business listing. And video has an even stronger effect on potential buyers.

Each video you upload must have a:

  • Max duration of 30 seconds
  • Max size of 100MB
  • Min resolution of 720p resolution

2- Share New Business Updates

Regular business updates prove to new visitors that your business is alive. It shows them that you’re an active service provider.

And if other people are working with you, then it’s reasonable for anyone with doubts to work with you as well.

To add an update, you can upload a new post, add a new event, or launch a new offer.

From the left sidebar, click on Posts.

Each one of these options can come with an image. Then, you can write a post, set the title and date for an event, or describe your offer briefly.

Next to reviews, which we’ll get to in a minute, this is one of the most effective ways to optimize your Google My Business listing.

3- Setup Direct Messages

This step is the easiest on the list. Yet, it has huge positive effects that can transform your business in no time.

By setting up direct messages, you’ll add a “Message” button to your business listing. That way, your audience can use it to reach out to you within seconds. 

It’s the most direct way for them to reach out to you. And it only takes one click!

To turn messages on, click Messaging from the left sidebar. Then, add your phone number and verify it. 

Once that’s done, you’ll receive instant messages to your phone as soon as a potential client decides to reach out.

free seo scorecard

4- Build More Reviews

Reviews are always the solution to outranking your competition, but it’s a never-ending process. That’s why you must get started with it now to see results faster.

Ready to learn more? Check out our guide that covers how to gather more Google reviews for your business.


Google My Business is the future of digital marketing for small businesses. It gives a fair chance to any business owner to grow and succeed in any market.

But to get there, you must play by the guidelines and understand what Google wants you to do.

We’ve covered all that in this guide. So if you follow the steps closely, you’ll start to see a massive transformation in your results in no time.

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