How to Build a Successful Marketing Automation Program

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The right marketing automation program can prove to be a highly effective strategy for business growth. It allows you to approach more prospects in a personalized manner and close more deals.


Not every marketing automation system brings positive results. Many business owners find themselves spending thousands of dollars on expensive tools without seeing any improvements in their marketing results.

That’s why crafting a marketing automation plan is fundamental for your success.

But where do you even get started?

In this guide:

You’ll learn how to set up a marketing automation system that saves you time, money, and effort. We’ll share with you a step-by-step process to automate your first marketing campaign and skyrocket your business. 

Let’s dive in.

1- Define Your Marketing Objectives

What do you want to achieve with a marketing automation program?

The end goal is to do a lot in less time while growing your business. But before you get there, there are specific objectives that marketing automation must help you with.

Defining those objectives is essential to making a successful marketing automation system. They’ll allow you to use the right automation tools and set proper KPIs to track your progress.

For example:

If you already have leads that you want to convert into customers, your aim should be to nurture them with engaging content.


An automated email marketing workflow might be your best option. Such a strategy will allow you to build strong relationships with target prospects and maximize their engagement with your brand. 

2- Identify The Process

You may now be wondering…

What should I automate in the process? And which tasks should I leave for my team to handle?

Since you already know your goals, things couldn’t get any easier.

A marketing automation program isn’t about the difficult tasks that you only do once in a while. Instead, it’s the most repetitive duties your company deals with is what’s eating all your budget. 

For instance:

Your team may waste hours each week posting company updates across various social platforms. So, automating your social media marketing would be necessary.

There are also questions about your brand, products, or services that need to be answered before someone makes a purchase. Answering them through personalized, automated responses helps you move customers much faster down your sales funnel.

marketing automation tool

Whether you’re automating social media content, email outreach, message marketing, or other tasks, creating a schedule is crucial.

A content calendar is going to help your company stay organized and consistent with the plan. Thus, you must schedule your posts to go automatically so that you don’t have to be there. 

This is how you’ll save countless hours and get your team’s productivity through the roof.

Now, here’s the truth…

Marketing automation can be a fast-track to growth. But it may also reflect a negative brand image when it starts to sound generalized.

There will always be tasks that your team should perform manually due to their complexity. Some duties require a human touch and a personalized approach depending on each prospect.

3- Select a Marketing Automation Tool

Different marketing objectives require different features and functionality. Thus, you must choose a reliable marketing automation software that supports your growth KPIs.

Before you go with any automation tool, be sure it’s affordable and won’t exhaust your budget in the long term. You should also check if it suits your CRM software and offers the necessary integrations for an easy installation.

We’ve already reviewed the best marketing automation tools in a previous article. Check it out to choose the software that best fits your marketing vision. 

4- Import Your Existing Contact Database

The next step is to import your existing contacts lists to the automation software. That’s why your options for importing prospects are a determining factor in which tool to choose.

marketing automation

For most marketing automation software, you’ll be able to import your customer data from other tools using a simple CSV list or a third-party system. Some platforms also offer APIs or technical assistance to help you migrate your contact database into their system easily.

5- Create Content Templates

Content templates are great time savers, especially when your customer base starts to grow faster. You can use the same template for years while only making a few changes every once in a while.


Create or import new templates for your different campaigns. And make sure to customize them to represent your brand using your logo and colors.

If you’re automating your email marketing, you need to build various sequences based on your sales funnel. That’s how you’ll make sure your personalized templates are moving different customers forward in the sales cycle.

6- Run Your First Campaign


By this point, everything must be in place. 

You’ve successfully set up your first marketing automation program.

You have a contacts list with prospects in different stages of your funnel. Your content is ready to be served automatically according to your objectives and schedule. 

It’s time to go live with your marketing automation!

7- Monitor Results And Implement Changes

Automation doesn’t mean setting an automated campaign and forgetting about it. 

You can take your performance to the next level by checking your progress regularly. Monitoring your campaign results allows you to make data-driven decisions that’ll pave the path forward and transform your brand. 

How do you do that?

Track your campaigns to understand how prospective customers are interacting with your messaging. Check your weekly and monthly reports while focusing on your defined marketing objectives. 

You can also run A/B tests on your campaigns and see which changes bring the best results. 

The thing is:

There are always improvements to make that will send your numbers through the roof. So, the sky is really the limit here. 

Implement the new changes once you identify the gaps and watch your growth skyrocket.


A marketing automation program will surely make your business journey easier. Yet, developing an efficient system for it can be a hassle for many webmasters. 

Follow our step-by-step guide to save yourself time and effort in the process. Always remember to monitor your results and make quick adjustments to maximize effectiveness.

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