3 Elements of a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

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Behind every successful business is a strong content marketing strategy. These strategies allow for businesses to drive results by constructing a plan that understands the target audience, that reliably produces evergreen content and one that implements an intuitive way to have content organized and constructed.

There are a few elements that are an essential part of making your business’ content marketing strategy a strong one.

Elements of a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

1. Clarify your company’s content marketing goals

strong content marketing strategy

Having well-defined goals is what’s going to help you develop content that will give your business results. Once you have clarified your goals, you’ll see how this will impact all parts of the cycle of content curation. For instance, do you need to establish your brand identity in the eyes of your audience? Or are you trying to attract new visitors for potential leads? Perhaps you have multiple goals. Whatever your goals are, content needs to be constructed in such a way that it aligns with these goals.

Goals will also allow you to better measure the success of your strategy, as it gives you points to measure. If your goal is to get more leads, you’ll need more visitors going to your sites to improve brand awareness. Success would be measured then by how many visitors are converted to leads and what content is successfully bringing you in visitors.

2. Understand audience personas

For whom do you want to produce content? By clarifying your target audience, you’ll better understand what type of content they are looking for, as well as what medium to distribute content (video, article, infographic, etc.) and what channels to distribute this tailored content (is your target audience on Twitter or Facebook?).

Developing personas can be a great tool to help better understand who your target audience is. Personas are dynamic, fictional and generalized representations of who your ideal customer is. The goal is to attract these customers to your business and to be able to relate to them. You’ll also want to take note of what changes with this persona when the persona is in different stages of the purchasing process. That is a persona should be understood in terms of the buyer’s journey of awareness, consideration and decision stages.

Understanding your audience is easier said than done. Our team at the Lorem Ipsum Company can help make this process easier- we even offer free content marketing analysis for your business site.

3. Define your company’s core messages

What are the primary messages that you wish to convey to your target audience? And why are these central messages important? Your employees obviously know what your company does and what it is about, but there is variation across team members in this understanding. This can lead to inconsistency in the understanding of your business and brand, which would be translated in the produced content. By clearly defining your primary messages, your team can express their unique views while centralizing around your core message. This is especially great if you plan on having some of your team members producing content as well.

Your messages should be conveyed in a clear and unique statement. If your business statement is not clear, it will get lost in the noise of the internet. Get your potential audience’s attention by giving them a clear message they can easily understand and that resonates with them.

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    Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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