10 Free Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs

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Digital marketing has become more prevalent today than ever before. Marketers face a mammoth of activities for maintaining their digital reputation. Websites, blogs, social networks, and emails are some of the content marketing platforms. There are several free content marketing tools no marketer should ignore, and in this article, we highlight some of them.

SEO and metadata are the focal points of the entire digital marketing strategy. However, relevant quality content is the heart of it. It is the deal breaker and marketers’ concern.

Content marketing offers great benefits to the brand. Quality content leads to:

  • High rankings in search engine queries
  • Improved trust, perceived expertise, and relevance in the industry
  • Increased referral traffic
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Improved customer/reader loyalty
  • Decreased marketing costs with compounding returns

There are free content marketing tools that simplify these tasks. They perform different functions such as content creation and distribution. Some of the tools analyze the performance of websites.

Email Content Marketing Tools:

1. PutsMail

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Experienced email marketers understand the importance of testing emails before sending them out. Inbox tester allows you to send an email to your inbox and see how it appears on more than 50 devices. The free content marketing tool also points out errors such as grammar, misaligned images, and readability.

2. Rapportive

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It is important to know which of the contacts in your mailing lists are most interested in what you are selling. Rapportive is a free Chrome extension. You can use it to compliment your content marketing program. It offers information such as their job, company, recent tweets, and LinkedIn profile.

Writing Tools

3. Editsaurus

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Writing mistakes are inevitable but can be very damaging to your online reputation. First, type your document and make the obvious grammatical corrections. Then copy and paste it on Editsaurus. It will detect readability issues, grammatical errors, and improper English.

4. Grammarly

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Like Editsaurus, it picks out spelling and grammatical mistakes. The Grammarly plug-in checks everything you type online or in Microsoft Office documents for spelling and grammar errors spell check notoriously misses.

Post Scheduling

5. Buffer

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Article posts and emails are the pillars of content marketing. The best strategy is to spread them out across a particular period. It can be in hourly intervals, daily or weekly. The Buffer is the best among the free content marketing tools for that.

It allows you to schedule 10 posts at ago to each network. For example, if you post twice daily on LinkedIn or Facebook, you can plan for five days.

Real-time Analytics

6. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is great for traffic details to your site. It gives the number of visitors on your site; time spent reading your content. You can also see who is online and where they are located. Others include top referrals, leading content and much more. It also allows a real-time overview of the traffic characteristics of your site.

Website Optimization Tools

7. Hotjar

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Do you want to know the behavior of your visitors on your site such as where they click and how far they scroll? Hotjar provides all these information free. It uses heat-maps, click-maps, visitor recordings and scroll maps. Besides, it gives options on how to insert messages and surveys to your visitors.

8. Open Site Explorer

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This is one of the best content marketing tools for measuring the authority of your page and domain. It gives reports on the number of links you receive and their sources. The free version provides three reports daily. The information is crucial for the analysis of your online presence as well as in online reputation management.

9. Website grader:

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It analyzes and grades your site. It ranks your site from its analysis. They are the site’s security, speed, performance and mobile factors.

Video Content Marketing Tools

10. Wistia

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When it comes to video content marketing tools, YouTube is the default option. But, it comes with unrelated ads or suggestions and less control. Wistia is a free content marketing tool for marketers. You can add email capture forms and calls-to-action at the end of the video. With Wistia, you and follow viewing behavior such where they pause, click or leave.

The list is not exhaustive. In every category, there are many other free content marketing tools. The ones listed here stand out in the crowd. Again, some of the tools can fall into more than one category.

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Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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