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Use Keywords In Your Content

How and Where to Use Keywords In Your Content

Do you use keywords in your content? Digital marketing experts always emphasize the importance of keyword research and how it can boost your…
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quick seo audit

How to Perform a Quick SEO Audit for Your Website

SEO remains the #1 growth strategy for many small businesses due to its effectiveness. It’s an excellent, cost-effective approach to promote your brand…
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what is google analytics

What is Google Analytics And How to Use it to Skyrocket Your SEO

Time and time again, we get the same question: What is Google Analytics and how can it help us? According to a recent…
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How Often Should You Blog

How Often Should You Blog?

Having an active blog helps you establish your business as a thought leader and dominate the competition. But publishing valuable content continuously is…
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Google Core Web Vitals

What Is The New Google Core Web Vitals And How Will It Affect SEO

In its early days, Google was a very basic search engine relying mainly on keywords, content length, and backlinks. But as it progressed…
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build backlinks in 2021

14 Ways to Build Backlinks in 2021

Despite what you might hear on the internet nowadays, backlinking is still one of the most powerful ranking strategies for SEO. But strategies…
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wordpress plugins for seo

7 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

WordPress plugins for SEO are a dime a dozen.  So how do you choose which are best for your site? WordPress is an…
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google algorithm updates

Everything You Need to Know About Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithm updates happen regularly. Google search functionality has been significantly developed throughout the years. It continues to improve to this day to…
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SEO image optimization

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Image Optimization for Beginners

Images are a vital part of your online presence. SEO image optimization is vital to your search engine success.  You use images everywhere…
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Google penalties

What Are Google Penalties and How to Recover From Them?

Do you ever wonder what happens to a site that violates Google guidelines? It gets heavily punished. These punishments are called Google penalties. …
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