Content is central to any marketing strategy. But the importance of quality content marketing can’t be overstated. Google, Yahoo, Apple and Bing have all enriched and reformed their search algorithms to focus on quality over quantity. How could a computer determine quality, you ask? Great question. Here’s a brief look at how search engines determine […]

The first step to a successful SEO or content marketing strategy is keyword research. It’s essential to the successful execution of any marketing strategy, really. Before you ever put pen to paper – or in our case, fingers to keyboard – you need to think about the search terms for which you want your website […]

SEO Friendly Content is the key to a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO continues to evolve. Business owners and SEO professionals alike adapt to the alterations Google and other search engines make to their algorithms. These changes frequently involve how they rank your website and related content. When you are trying to increase standing in […]

Everyone wants to game to Google search algorithm. But what does that mean and why? We are going to let you in on a little secret. The only way to “game” Google is by producing high-quality, relevant content. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain tips and tricks that can be done to help your […]