These 5 Brands Are Using Content Marketing Successfully

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Brands are using content marketing successfully

Major brands are using content marketing successfully. In 2017, businesses need to stand out. They cannot hide in the shadows. The modern world is visible. Companies, small and large, must compete online if they want to attract and retain customers. It’s an exciting, but perilous time for business.

You want your company to grow, but you can’t create a marketing department. You can’t afford to put anyone else on your payroll. What can you do? Are there any alternatives?

Absolutely! Companies need to take marketing risks. They need bold, creative ideas. They need to be noticed if they want to thrive. They need good content. (What is content marketing? Find out here).

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Many companies have done this. They headed online, became active on social media, and told the stories behind their brands. Sure, some crashed and burned, but others succeeded, and continue to pave the way for new and exciting marketing content.

5 Brands Using Content Marketing Successfully

Many companies use content marketing to their advantage, but some stand above the rest. Here are five of the best:

Denny’s. Yeah, you’re right, it’s not polite or polished, but it’s hard not to love Denny’s marketing style. They have fun; a lot of fun. So much so that they planned and executed a Facebook Live question and answer session with a cartoon pancake. Yep, a pancake, but that’s not the craziest part. More than 11,000 people participated! They took a gamble and it continues to pay off. Denny’s has more than 374,000 followers on Twitter and the national diner chain stays open in no small part thanks to its marketing.

Nike. Just do what Nike did and focus more on content marketing. Like its shoes, Nike’s online content is sleek and modern. They have an active presence on twitter and other social media platforms and their customer service is renowned. They have a separate twitter account for questions related to their products. They don’t shy away from interacting with their customers.

Dollar Shave Club. In 2015, they created MEL, a digital magazine that looks at sex, relationships, health, and culture from a male perspective. The magazine is a valuable marketing tool. It allows them to draw people in with entertaining posts and also gives them a platform to advertise their products. They use the internet and social media to spread their brand’s story and to get people talking about their products.

REI. They and other outdoor supply retailers fight Amazon for control of the market. One of the ways REI did this was to add articles to their website. Customers who visit their website can read about popular fishing holes in Montana, how to set-up a tent, and can also read product reviews for their products. They likely won’t win the battle against Amazon, but by creating a community of loyal customers they at least stopped the bleeding.

Hamburger Helper. Yep, they made the list. Like Denny’s, they had to get creative, and did they ever. They composed a rap and did a heck of a job promoting it online. Millions of people listened to Watch the Stove. Many of those listeners also tried the product. They literally made a lot of noise and it paid off in profits.

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