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SEO terms

13 SEO Terms Business Owners Should Know

What SEO terms do you know? Or not know? If you’re looking to use digital marketing as a medium to grow your business,…
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Google SERP Features

8 Google SERP Features to Improve Your Rankings in 2020

Search engine results page (SERP) features are results displayed to reveal more context to search users. Google SERP features provide relevant information to…
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blogging for your business

Why Blogging for Your Business is a Must in 2020

There’s a lot of talk online about blogging for your business and whether or not you should have a blog. Some webmasters believe…
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seo myths

11 SEO myths to ditch in 2020

Today’s search engine optimization is nothing like it was five years ago. Google is constantly updating its algorithm – not to make it…
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dominate local search

Dominate Local Search With Local SEO

Before your business can dominate local search, we have to cover a few basics first. Every business in today’s economy needs SEO to…
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rank on google maps

How to Rank on Google Maps in 2020

Local SEO, and especially Google Maps, is all the rage right now. With voice search on the rise and digital personal assistants, such…
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measuring seo performance

Beginner’s Guide to Measuring SEO Performance

Growing your business today is all about perfecting your digital marketing game and that means properly measuring SEO performance. Whether you put in…
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LSI Keywords

How to Use LSI Keywords to Grow Your Traffic

What are LSI Keywords? Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is a method developed to identify the relationship between different words and concepts.  It’s a…
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is content marketing dying

Is Content Marketing Dying?

While there are some forms of content marketing dating back to 1895, content marketing as we know it today is relatively new. Five…
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seo link building

How to Get Started With SEO Link Building

If you want an effective growth strategy that’s here to stay for the long-term, you should start with SEO link building.  But there…
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9 things we learned at #INBOUND19

The content team at the Lorem Ipsum Co. recently attended Inbound, the 26,000-attendee-strong digital marketing confab hosted by Hubspot, and we want to…
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SEO tactics

6 SEO Tactics to Boost Your Traffic in 2019

There is no shortage of SEO tactics and tips for you to read and learn about online.  But the problem with quantity is…
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