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Google Core Web Vitals

What Is The New Google Core Web Vitals And How Will It Affect SEO

In its early days, Google was a very basic search engine relying mainly on keywords, content length, and backlinks. But as it progressed…
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Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing Vs. Email Marketing

Which is better: Text message marketing or email marketing? Any phone user today must have an email address to create online accounts or…
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text message marketing

Text Message Marketing: How to Get Started

Text message marketing is one of the most underrated marketing strategies in 2021. And that's due to the many misconceptions that surround it.…
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marketing automation program

How to Build a Successful Marketing Automation Program

The right marketing automation program can prove to be a highly effective strategy for business growth. It allows you to approach more prospects…
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build backlinks in 2021

14 Ways to Build Backlinks in 2021

Despite what you might hear on the internet nowadays, backlinking is still one of the most powerful ranking strategies for SEO. But strategies…
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2021 content marketing trends

2021 Content Marketing Trends to Watch

Marketing is an ever evolving science. These 2021 Content Marketing trends offer a glimpse at where marketing is heading.  Content marketing is one…
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advertising on facebook

Advertising on Facebook: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Advertising on Facebook is important for many businesses.  Facebook is the biggest social platform nowadays, with 2.6 billion users worldwide. Seven out of…
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write better blog headlines

Write Better Blog Headlines: 6 Mind-Blowing Tips

It's hard to stand out online today, but one way is to write better blog headlines. According to Worldometer's, the total number of…
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wordpress plugins for seo

7 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

WordPress plugins for SEO are a dime a dozen.  So how do you choose which are best for your site? WordPress is an…
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how to launch a ppc campaign

How to Launch a PPC Campaign

Learning how to launch a PPC campaign is vital to a successful digital marketing strategy. PPC marketing is a great way to bring…
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digital marketing trends to watch in 2021

7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch in 2021

The digital marketing landscape has been evolving rapidly in the past decade. That’s why it’s vital to stay on top of digital marketing…
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Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising

The Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising

In the Beginner’s Guide to PPC Advertising, you’ll learn: What is PPC?What are the benefits of PPC?How to use PPCHow to track PPCHow…
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