5 Scary Content Marketing Fails to Avoid

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Does content marketing work for everyone? What mistakes can companies or businesses make when branding themselves online? What are some lessons we can glean from content marketing fails made by big companies?

Content Marketing Fails to Avoid

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Content marketing continues to get tremendous attention from businesses all over the world. The focus ranges from big companies, growing enterprises and startups. Orange county content marketing from the Lorem Ipsum Company offers you the best of content marketing services available. We make sure that you reach your target audience with the perfect content. We appreciate and understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in online visibility for business.

Undefined Target Audience

Knowing and understanding your audience is vital in choosing the most suitable marketing strategy. It is paramount for you to understand client’s needs and their buying process. Content marketing fails are bound to occur when your content ends up with the wrong audience. You need to create awareness so that your audience has a better knowledge of your content. You can make the audience part of your business in various ways, for instance by offering them the opportunity to provide suggestions as well as feedback.

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Low-Quality Content

The quality of information you post to your clients speaks a thousand times. Be it an image; a write-up or a hashtag, the quality should remain uncompromising. When you are too afraid to invest in good content, you end up getting a poor one. It may push your clients reducing your online traffic. Content marketing and search engine optimization go hand in hand. The Search engine optimization will ensure your business ranking remains high. The content ensures that you speak to your audience. Most businesses fail because they separate content and search engine optimization (SEO).

Poor Marketing Strategy

In every business marketing strategy is a primary key to its success. It is also useful in the implementation of marketing activities as well. If your marketing strategy is poor, you will experience content marketing fails. A solid marketing strategy gives your business a path to follow in online marketing. The plan provides your business various opportunities. The opportunity to choose the best content; to decide when to use the content, and how to best use are but a few. Your marketing strategy should also deal with competition.

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Not Promoting Your Content

Content material is not limited knowing your target audience. Neither is it limited to creating a search engine optimization based content. It also includes promoting your content. Make sure you promote and push your content to reach as much audience as possible. You need to market the content by creating awareness to the clients. It is achievable using email newsletters, search engines, and social media. There are various ways of content promotion depending on the targeted audience. You need to be versatile if your audience is broad.

A few years ago, Carrefour, a French supermarket chain registered a decline in growth. The main reason was the failure to market its content. Carrefour was employing print adverts with a few billboards. The competing enterprises invested on digital advertisements. They interacted with customers through mobile apps as well as QR Code shopping.

Stick to Simplicity

The best content promotion is one that creates a genuine feeling and understanding. The best way is to create a simple marketing information and material. Content that creates a natural feeling and, at the same time, sends a message of inclusiveness is perfect.

Pepsi and Unilever joined the list of content marketing fails this year. Both companies released content marketing projects that created a mocking discussion on social media. The Pepsi ad aimed to show the brand as a unifying force. Kendall Jenner was calming down tensions in protests by giving a police officer a cold can of Pepsi. But, the protests signs were wrong! The Pepsi ad was a major fail.

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Unilever was not spared either. In the UK’s promotion of their washing packages ended up sending the wrong message. The advertisement created an impression of drawing comparisons between female body types. While some people defended the ad on social media, others were not so friendly. “…Around the store saying other people call you fat…,” Tweeted Sandra Newman.


Content marketing requires skills that emphasize on details with minimal risks. A single flip on the wrong side could affect your business. Many content marketing fails are avoidable while others come as a surprise. But, the most important thing of all is to master the art of being patient and willing to learn. For more information contact us for modern, thoughtful content marketing services.

Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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