5 Quick Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy

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Want to rank well in Google search results? Search engine optimization or SEO may seem complicated. And it can be difficult for novices to keep up with the constantly changing search engine optimization trends. If you’ve been using outdated strategies, it’s time to research and update these tactics when necessary. A successful SEO strategy will take some time — anywhere from several months to nearly a year or more, for meaningful results to occur.

Waiting for certain SEO strategies to work does not mean your site has to be stuck in SEO limbo. Here is a list of quick and actionable tips (tips you can implement right now) that have been proven to work and can help you implement a successful SEO strategy today:

1. Make sure you are following Google’s webmaster guidelines

If you violate any of Google’s webmaster guidelines, your page can be blocked from being indexed by their search engine crawlers — that is, your page will no longer rank because it does not meet Google’s quality standards. Violations include cloaking (writing in a way that search engines can see your text but not site visitors) or even donating to charities and non-profits to give yourself a backlink.

2. Incorporate voice queries into content

Voice search is becoming more and more popular, especially now that products like Google’s Home Mini and Amazon’s Alexa are out.

Voice search is only going to get more important, so it is important to incorporate voice queries into your content.

3. Check your backlink quality for a successful SEO strategy

You need to take responsibility for the backlinks that go to your site. You can monitor these with analytical tools. Google’s analytics tool allows you to see the links to your site and disavow (deny responsibility for) backlinks every month.

This is important because low-quality and spammy backlinks can hurt your Google ranking and even eliminate your ability to rank entirely.

If Google blocks your page from being indexed, it’s very difficult to get that same site being indexed again. Essentially you’ll have to start site-building and creating content all over again.

4. Ensure your site has a clear linking structure

The clearer the setup of your site, the easier it is for the search engine crawlers to determine what your site is about. Link structure is integral to a successful SEO strategy.

For instance, your footer and header sections shouldn’t contain outbound links because links in these areas do not hold a lot of weight as a Google ranking factor.

Internal linking allows Google to navigate through your site more easily and this will increase your chances of being ranked in the results pages.

5. Beef-up thin or weak content

Go to your site and make a list of all the content pages that need updating and content that doesn’t offer enough value to site visitors.

If you aren’t going to re-write, fix and add to weak or thin content, it is best to get rid of it entirely. Maintaining weak content on your site will hurt your Google ranking massively.

Site authority has been one of the most important critical factors for the Google ranking algorithms for a long time now. Weak content does not convey authority to Google.  Only keep stellar and informative content and fix or scrap the rest.

Tips that are too technical for novices often will continue to be unaddressed. It’s important to avoid ignoring content marketing strategies you do not understand.

Remember, it’s okay that you’re not a jack-of-all-trades. You don’t want to spread yourself to thin when it comes to your business. Hiring these services out is often wise for novices to content marketing.

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    Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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