4 Content Marketing Examples to Spark Your Imagination

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What is the success rate of your content marketing campaigns? Do you feel like you hit them out of the park more often than not? Content marketing campaigns can be tricky as you want to target your core audience, gain their attention, and deliver a message in the process. It is all about taking the content and using it as a means to attract individuals to a site, and then to keep them as well. Quality content marketing examples can give you the motivation to push your own campaigns to the next level.

Think about the typical process of a customer and their lifecycle. The initial piece of the customer equation is gaining awareness of your business. Once there is awareness, you want to give the customer a reason to buy, to show the worth or your product or service. You then close the deal and hope to provide them with enough quality that they come back as a repeat customer.

Content marketing campaigns can do all that in the process of helping your business gain attention, delivering a quality message, and hopefully converting that individual into a customer.  

Why Refer to Content Examples?

Why should you look at content marketing examples for motivation? You do not want to copy other campaigns, but sometimes it can be difficult to think outside of the box. You get into habits of what a content marketing campaign should look like, that it can be troublesome to break down the walls on your own. When you see other companies doing things that are out there, you may get your own idea and run with it in the same type of way. Let us take a look at some of the bigger content marketing examples you may draw motivation from.


IKEA broke the mold when it came out with an app named “Try Before You Buy.” The idea is to take an item that they sell and show you how it would look in your own space after you put it together. How many times have you made a purchase of a chair or couch, only to find you hate the way it looks in your home? IKEA did their best to break that with this content marketing campaign and it as a massive success. The IKEA app lets you take over 2,000 of their items and show you exactly what it will look like it in your home, without having to do any assembly at all!

So what makes this such a great content marketing campaign from IKEA? The first reason is that it gives customers value. It shows customers what the furniture looks like in their home. It also does a good job of providing balance with the interests of the business. IKEA wants to sell your furniture and this content helps make that happen.


Do you have a baby on the way? Do you have any idea on what you have to get before the baby arrives? Soon to be parents always make big lists, but are never sure of exactly what they need and what is going to be a waste of money. A first-time parent can easily go through an overwhelming phase. The goal of Babylist and the content from the site is that they answer any question that will come from a first-time parent.

The goal for the company is to help parents figure out if they need that very expensive crib mattress or changing table. You can take a quiz to help them customize answers based on your lifestyle as well.  

So what is so great about this content from Babylist? It reaches out to its target market, first-time parents. There are a lot of baby products out there and the goal is to try and connect parents with the best ones. The content is free, but the company benefits in the event they can refer you out to sites for the ultimate purchase of the baby product.


Headspace is the premier example of a site that does an absolutely tremendous job with their blogs. The “Orange Dot” blog is one that is going to be right on top of a variety of areas readers will care about.  

Headspace is all about helping individuals navigate the world that is their life. Challenges are going to come up every single day. These challenges could come from being a parent, being in a job, in a relationship, etc. The blog is a way to complement the app and service the company sells, to provide individuals with some great reading and advice along the way.  

The great thing about this content marketing campaign is the way that it hits on issues it knows its target audience will care about. They do this every single day, trying to meet the goal of helping people live better lives. It also helps their business as they know they ant customers to sign up for their service, and this is a great way to the lead-in.

Four Seasons Blog

Sometimes you know you need to be high-end and you simply go for it. The blog that is on the Four Seasons site is exactly that. The Four Seasons blog is not your typical travel blog. It is instead written in such a way where you get everything you would in a top-notch magazine on travel. All the content on the blog has ridiculous research and is going to inspire individuals to take trips they may never imagined possible.

The Four Seasons blog is all about helping you aspire to be better and use the Four Seasons hotels, naturally, as a means to take you there!

Great content marketing examples

Search engine optimization is the name of the game when it comes to content marketing campaigns. Understanding how content marketing works and also having great motivating examples can be a powerful combination. Take your search engine optimization techniques to the next level and use Four Seasons, Headspace, Babylist, and even IKEA as great examples of knowing your target market and aiming all content on converting those individuals to customers. If you need further motivation, using a search engine optimization services professional may also be an option.

    Jeramy Gordon is the founder and Chief Content Officer at the Lorem Ipsum Company. He has been creating successful content strategies for almost two decades and believes in the power of high-quality content. He lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two children.

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