2021 Content Marketing Trends to Watch

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Marketing is an ever evolving science. These 2021 Content Marketing trends offer a glimpse at where marketing is heading. 

Content marketing is one of the most creative, fast-paced approaches in digital marketing. And consumer behavior is constantly changing to require newer trends and different strategies.

As a consequence…

Practices that were effective a few years ago are no longer relevant today. And unfortunately, not keeping up with such changes will cost your company a lot of growth potential over the years.

That’s why we decided to share with you, in this article, the most important 2021 content marketing trends to watch.

Let’s jump right in.

1- Video Marketing

Video marketing has been an essential growth plan for many online businesses. And it’s still on the rise as social platforms continue to launch new features to keep their audiences satisfied.

For example:

TikTok has gained insane popularity due to the unique format of its short videos. On the other hand, Instagram’s Reels feature made video editing on the platform a lot easier. 

The COVID-19 pandemic took video marketing to the next level when it forced people to study and work from home for several months. That made everyone realize the importance of video both as a format and as a marketing strategy.


There’s still room for your company to attract quality customers using video. But finding success with that depends on many factors — including the format, length, industry, and platform. 

For instance:

  • 10min long videos work best on YouTube because they’ll rank better and be more recommended to users. 
  • Facebook algorithms prefer videos that are 3 minutes or longer and will show them organically to relevant audiences. 
  • Short 15 seconds videos will do better on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat since they’re easy to consume.

2- Content Repurposing

As you begin to move forward in your marketing journey, lots of challenges will come your way. Keeping your audience connected to your brand may be the biggest one.

The competition for attention will grow fiercer. Creative content ideas will come less often to your mind. And your best content may not make the impact you want it to make.

The ultimate solution to all those problems is simple…

Repurpose your content.

Content repurposing is the process of refining existing content and re-sharing it across different mediums to reach new audiences. 

For example:

You can repurpose the same topic or idea in different forms, such as blog posts, videos, audio podcasts, infographics, short social media posts, etc.

But now you may be wondering…

Wouldn’t I bore my audience to death by sharing the same idea repeatedly?

Not really. 

People consume information in various ways. And some of your content is too valuable to only be shared once. So, you must recycle it everywhere using cross-marketing tools to reach new targeted customers.

Successful brands will be more focused on content repurposing in 2021 as a way to stay on top of their customers’ minds.

3- Live Streaming and Webinars

Whether it’s for online classes, live courses, or webinars, video has always been a quick and effective way of communication. It ensures an easy, fun learning experience for the viewer. Which makes them more likely to watch and interact.

Live streaming first started to gain popularity on gaming platforms. Tens of thousands of gamers enjoyed watching their favorite players win titles and break records live.

But it has since spread to all marketing platforms and industries. 


People love to learn directly from an expert. Yet, what makes their experience complete is interaction with the tutor. Having the ability to ask questions and get instant, personalized answers is where all the magic happens

The good news is:

Decades ago, no business could go live without paying thousands of dollars while getting a poor user experience. 

But today, everything has changed! That’s why this is a 2021 content marketing trend to watch.

Any brand can host large webinars or timeless live streams for a very low cost. Most social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube will allow you to connect with your audience for free.

4- User Experience

User experience (UX) is the future of digital marketing because of the way it affects consumer behavior. 

A well-designed web page can double your time-on-page and keep visitors longer on your site. A clear opt-in form with a strong CTA will grow your subscribers’ list in no time. On the other hand, a poor design can overwhelm your prospects and make them leave for a competitor.

But how does UX relate to content marketing specifically?

A page implementing all UX principles makes all the difference in how your audience consumes your content. 

For instance:

A curiosity-enhancing article introduction will hook more people in to learn more. A clear page hierarchy helps readers get quick answers easily.  Leaving lots of white space around your text and breaking down paragraphs into smaller sections encourages people to continue reading.

Search engines will regard such results as positive signs for high-quality. Thus, the longer people are on your page, the better your SEO rankings.  

Marketers will pay more attention to measuring and improving their UX metrics. So if you want to stay in the race, be sure to get on that too.

5- High SEO Competition

Lots of companies had to go online to stay alive in 2020, which made them realize the power of SEO. 

SEO has proven to be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies over the decades. It’s a cost-effective growth plan that’s suitable for all-size companies in all industries. And unlike costly paid ad campaigns, it requires nothing but diligence and consistency in writing content.

Organic traffic was the ultimate solution during hard pandemic times. That makes SEO your best approach for a stable business in the long haul. But unfortunately, you’re not alone in this race.

So in the next few years…

The competition to rank first on Google will grow fiercer. The SEO process will take more time and effort. Marketers will put more emphasis on content quality. And ranking higher will require even stronger linking profiles.

6- Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is perhaps one of the most interesting 2021 content marketing trends.

Marketers are moving away from the traditional lead capture form approach. Instead, they’re implementing conversational marketing to communicate directly with their customers through chatbots.

The reason for that?

Conversational marketing is a customer-centric strategy that focuses on speed, relevance, and accuracy. It uses live chat to engage prospective customers and enhance the buyer experience.

What makes it interesting is this…

Such an approach allows brands to drive higher engagement rates and build stronger relationships with their audience.  It gets right down to the heart of the problem and provides quick, personalized answers to each prospect.

In addition to that:

Many customers are uncomfortable talking on the phone with strangers. Others are too lazy to email a business or visit its physical location to get information.

Conversational marketing requires a minimal level of motivation and time investment on the customer’s part. Which makes it the future of customer engagement.

7- A/B Testing

Some headlines, descriptions, images, or buttons, drive better engagements than others. Yet, it isn’t always clear which elements work best for your marketing campaign. 

In the past, businesses based most of their marketing decisions on the knowledge they read in books or learned from experts. 

But the downside to that was evident:

No one had any accurate data to back their claims. And it was impossible to assess the effectiveness of any marketing advice.

Until the rise of digital marketing and A/B testing.

A/B testing is the process of comparing two variants on a web page to determine which one will drive the best results.

For example:

You can create two ad copies, titles, images, or CTAs for your campaign and not be sure which one is best. So you show your two versions to your target audience and compare your results before making your final decision.

Not only does A/B testing helps brands boost engagement rates, but it also brings down the marketing costs significantly. With all the advanced tools and strategies we have in 2021, you can make data-based decisions and maximize your marketing ROI.

2021 will bring a lot of changes in the way people consume content. Some of those shifts are impossible to predict, but the most important ones have always been evident.

Focus on the 2021 content marketing trends that’ll bring the best results for your business and try to implement them before your competitors do.

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